Use your voice to advocate for clean water for all to your reps!


Step 1: Pick a piece of legislation you like from our legislation page, or think of something you want to say to your rep.

Step 2: Find your Representative or your Senator (or both!). If it is after office hours, just leave a message on their answering machine. Otherwise, you’ll probably be leaving your message with an intern or administrative assistant.

Step 3: Talk!

Sample Call: “Hi! My name is Annabel Gregg. My zip code is 12834, and I would like Kirsten Gillibrand to show support for the Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity, and Reliability Act, also known as S. 611. Thank you!”


New York Senators


greenwich, New York House of Representatives


New York City House of Representatives

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This page is still currently being built! Apologies if we are missing your representative. Simply look up your district to find your representative if their number is missing above.