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United States Charities


Donate to the WICC Start Up Fund

Help get the WICC up, running, and ready to go before our official launch in October at the H2Know Event on 10/20! All of the donations collected from this GoFundMe will be used to establish the Water Insecurity Correction Coalition as a 501c3 registered nonprofit organization and will also help bolster funds for events and advocacy efforts that the organization will take part in. A little goes a long way! We are not expecting a lot of donations, but anything will really help get us started on our journey towards ending water insecurity.




In an upsettingly similar story to Flint, Michigan’s, Newark, New Jersey is experiencing some of the worst levels of lead poisoning the United States has ever seen. Due to government neglect, crumbling infrastructure, and improperly treated water, the city has the highest levels of lead exposure in children in the state. The crisis is only getting worse as government officials insist that the water is safe to drink. The lead levels in the water say otherwise. Donate to purchase clean water bottles for residents in Newark to use for drinking, bathing, and cooking.




The city of Flint is facing one of the most famous water crisis' the country has ever seen. After the city government switched to the Flint River during a construction project to save money, lead from old pipes started to seep into the city’s water system. Over five years later, Flintians still rely on water bottles and outside organizations’ help to get access to clean water. Donate to Mari Copeny’s water fund to help get water bottles to the people of Flint who need it.



Global Charities


Protect an Acre of the Amazon

The Amazon Rainforest is currently on fire. The lungs of the world are currently on fire. The Amazon purifies 20% of the world’s oxygen, and due to deforestation and greedy ranching companies, this sacred home for thousands of Indigenous peoples is being destroyed as we speak. The Amazon fire will worsen climate change effects and poison the air and water we consume. The rainforest is a necessary ecosystem and home to hundreds of species. Help protect the Rainforest from deforestation by helping the Rainforest Action Network purchase land acre by acre.