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Use your voice to speak up for those affected by water insecurity around the world and in the U.S. Click the “Learn More” button to find out just how easy it is to make an impact.

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volunteer and team membership

Education, Advocacy, Development. These are the three goals you will employ during your time on the WICC team. All positions are mostly done on your own time and are a great way to build your experience in all of these categories and help end global and national water insecurity in a meaningful way.

Advocacy Volunteer Team: Will focus on contacting government leaders, seeking out legislation that WICC can publicly endorse, and political aspects of WICC  

Education Volunteer Team: Research water insecurity in the U.S. and around the world, put together informational materials, and more  

Development (Fundraising & Events) Volunteer Team: Help coordinate fundraising efforts and plan educational and awareness events, and research charitable projects to invest in 

Content Team: Produce content like news articles, op-ed pieces, endorsed legislation, and more for our newsletter and social media platforms. 

Please read the information on Content Team positions here.

General Volunteers: Help with brainstorming ideas for WICC, keeping an eye out for legislation and news regarding foreign and domestic water insecurity, donating spare time to the cause and helping teams with projects

If you'd like to become a part of WICC, please send your desired team position and a resume to Annabel Gregg; 



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Join the content team

Do you like writing, designing, activism, social issues, or reading? Then we need you on the content team. Click “Learn More” to take a look at the Roles we’d love you to take part in. Great experience for people who want to write, design, be a part of a nonprofit or advocacy group, or for anyone who has a passion for water insecurity around the world.