Total money raised for Flint…

In 2018: $335.00

In 2019: $1,631.78


why we run fast for flint

One person can make a difference, but coming together as a community makes the strongest difference of all. There are dozens of “Flint water crises” around the country, due to the same issues - environmental racism, people in power making poor decisions in order to save money, America’s infrastructure problem, and just plain injustice. But Flint is the shining star - not because of the crisis itself, but because of its community. The city of Flint has become a beacon of activism, with kids as young as 8 (like Mari Copeny) meeting President Obama; of hope, from the community rallying together and fighting for their right to clean water, lobbying their local leaders, and putting on their own water drives (even when the government cut off their funding); and of prosperity, now that the whole country is fighting for clean water for Flint, and for all. Flint is a symbol of a community coming together to help one another in a time of need. And so, we Run Fast For Flint to bring our own community together, to help another one need.