Mari Copeny Award & Scholarship


The Mari Copeny Award will be given to the graduating high school senior that best embodies the ideals and values of activist Mari Copeny. A 12 year old from the city of Flint, Michigan, Mari has been a selfless and brave leader in her community for the greater half of her life. As her city suffered through a controversial lead water crisis rendering the city water undrinkable and unusable, Mari raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase clean water bottles for people in her community. Mari also wrote letters to Former President Barack Obama, and inspired him so deeply that he came and visited her and her community in 2014. Mari received a Shorty Award for Best in Activism in 2019, and has shown that leadership and commitment can truly bring your community together.  

The award winner will receive a $100 scholarship, and have the opportunity to read their essays or say a few words at the 3rd annual Run Fast For Flint 5k in July. They will also have their registration fee waived and receive a free race T-shirt if they would like to run in the 5k.

The scholarship will be available for current high school seniors starting December 9th. More information about application requirements will be available soon.